This section of the site lists all of the applications, source code and components that are available for download here at OnyxBox.

Most of the software here is free of charge and contains no time limits, adverts or nagging popup screens.

Where possible, applications have been tested against viruses using Virus Total online virus scanning service and links to the scan report are given on each applications page.

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Proxy Switcher
Small app to remove the need to turn your proxy server settings on or off.

INI File Editor
Simple application for editing INI files (includes INI File editing class as source code).

Handy notepad type application that can be used for DEBUG output in scripts and other applications.

OBFile Compare
Application for capturing and comparing DLL File Versions on a machine.


components {

VB DLL Containing a number of objects usefull string manipulation, reading and writing to the registry and manipulating INI files.


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