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There are currently no known issues with Proxy Switcher version 1.7


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Q: Does Proxy Switcher work with Windows 7?
A: Yes, as of version 1.7 Proxy Switcher supports Windows 7.

Q: What pre-requisites does Proxy Switcher have?
A: Proxy Switcher requires the Microsoft .Net 2.0 runtime. Using the setup.exe file included in the ZIP file will check for this runtime and prompt to download and install it if it is missing.

Q: Does Proxy Switcher change the proxy server address & ports?
A: No, proxy switcher only toggles the setting within Windows/Firefox that instructs the enviroment to use a proxy server. The proxy server address is left alone.

Q: Does Proxy Switcher interfere with any other windows internet setting such as "Automatic configuration scripts"?
A: No, as of version 1.9 Proxy Switcher does not interfere with these settings, and does not tamper with settings deployed by Group Policy Objects.

Q: Now that Firefox supports 'Use System Settings' does Proxy Switcher interfere with this option?
A: Version 1.7 will now respect this option within Firefox and will only change the system settings when Firefox is configured this way.

Q: How does Proxy Switcher determine whether or not to enable the proxy settings?
A: Proxy Switcher looks for a domain controller whenever a network connection changes on your computer. It assumes that when a Domain Controller is present, you are at work and therefor the proxy settings are switched on.

Q: Is the default configuration, after installation, set to 'Auto' mode?
A: Yes, as of Version 1.5 (and above) the default installation has the application set to 'Auto' mode.

Q: How can I stop Proxy Switcher from running each time I log into Windows?
A: Simply delete the 'shortcut' from the 'Startup' group within the Start Menu.

Q: How can I uninstall Proxy Switcher without using the 'Add / Remove Programs' (i.e. command line) or using the MSI?
A: The command line to remove Proxy Switcher v1.5 is:
msiexec.exe /x {B178BD0F-6CE4-44FE-BB81-2F8728BFF6FB}

Q: What other options does the MSI file support?
A: For a full list of options supported by the MSI, open the command line from the start menu and type msiexec.exe /?'

Q: Do I have to uninstall the previous version of Proxy Switcher before installing the latest version?
A: No, the newer version of Proxy Switcher installation will upgrade the older application without needing you to uninstall the previous version.

Q: My Virus Scanning Software identifies ProxySwitcher.exe as a Trojan or Virus, what should I do?
A: Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of ProxySwitcher. Older versions may be incorrectly identified as a Trojan. This scenario is sometimes called a 'false positive' and is caused because the sequence of bytes that make the application have a similar sequence to something within the virus scanners database.



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